The wonder of St. Francis lies in the beauty of his "Spoleto Valley", as it was called the Umbrian Valley and it still amazes current travellers the way it did then. The landscape which overlooks the valley is an alternating series of small villages rich in history and beautiful Franciscan landscapes.

Our lands, Poreta's lands, embrace every aspect of this landscape. Located in a privileged part of Poreta visitors are offered easy access to major tourist destinations of the area such as Spoleto, Trevi, Assisi, Bevagna, Perugia, Valnerina and the entire mountainous Terminillo park.

Trevi - km 10

The ancient Trebe (house), mentioned by Pliny, soon became a Roman municipality. In the early Middle Ages, the inhabitants had to withdraw behind the circle of Roman walls, and it was only in 1264 that he the new circ ......


Spoleto - km 11

Set in a unique landscape at the foot of Monteluco, Spoleto owes its popularity to its extraordinary architectural heritage spanning over 2,500 years. It was instead in the Renaissance period that the city took much o ......


Foligno - km 21

Foligno was an important Roman station on the Via Flaminia, and is on the river Topino. The old town, which is still partly surrounded by medieval walls, holds important monuments. The Duomo, dedicated to San Felician ......


Spello - km 28

The Roman walls, which open onto the beautiful Consular Port (1st century B.C.), protect it at the base of the hill, then the medieval village climbs up to the Capuchin Church and what now remains of the fortress, whi ......


Assisi - km 39

On the slopes of Mount Subasio, on a hill that stretches out to glimpse the first light of day and the last rays of the setting sun, Assisi is a treasure-chest that carefully conserves his history.From whatever ......


Terni - km 42

Terni is found at the confluence of the River Nera with its tributary Serra and is best known for its metal and steel industries. Its history instead is ancient and eventful.The image of the city, however, conne ......


Norcia - km 45

Set on the edge of S. Scolastica plain in the heart of the national park of the Sibylline Mountains, Norcia is a secret stronghold of artistic and gastronomic treasures.The Church of St. Benedict, the town&rsquo ......


Todi - km 52

Looking up from the river Tiber valley below, you can see the town’s profile fully, including the wealth of its monuments.Then rising, and coasting the walls, you come upon the imposing yet entrancing Chie ......


Narni - km 54

Narni is situated as a bulwark precisely at the mouth of the Nera Valley, as if to protect the entrance. The impressive Augustus bridge throws his supreme untouched arch across the valley, and the roads, which preserv ......


Perugia - km 56

Protected by its memories, Perugia straddles Trasimeno lake and the verdant plain that stretches as far as Spoleto. An important town in the Comunale period, it knew the magnificence of lordships, from that of Biordo ......


Deruta - km 63

The ancient town known for majolica, Deruta has for centuries been linked to the production of ceramic arts. Its industrial district can be seen already from the highway, while the ancient town itself lies behind its ......


Gubbio - km 87

Located on the slopes of Monte Igino, Gubbio seems to have remained intact over time. The Basilica of St. Ubaldo seems to protect it from above, the unique seven bronze Iguvine Tablets, which tell of ancient acts and ......


Trasimeno - km 100

With 2000 years of history, lake Trasimeno features early as the theatre of a crushing defeat of the Romans in the second Punic War, when the Carthaginians under Hannibal defeated the army of the consul Gaius Flaminiu ......


Orvieto - km 113

Built on a volcanic tuff plateau, Orvieto has overlooked the valley since the fourth century. Above the houses, churches and palazzi stands visible from everywhere, its extraordinary, massive Duomo the foundation ston ......


Cortona - km 128

Cortona is an important town that retains all the charm of an ancient village, with its typical alleys and traditional stone buildings. It stands on a hill that offers splendid views over the Val di Chiana.Of gr ......



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