Organic Olive Oil

Another theme under way is "remote adoption of our olive trees" which allows our customers to choose and rent one or more olive trees and then obtain their own olive oil.

Organic Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Villa della Genga organic extra virgin Cerquepapa is the tradition olive oil. Produced since 1820 it possesses the noblest features of the olive oil typical of this fortunate part of Umbria. Here, the olive oil comes from a genuine organic oasis, where the purity of the air and environment, untouched by use of chemicals, gives very high added value to the genuineness of the fruits of this land. The particular climatic conditions allow the olives to ripe slowly and then they are picked by hand when their colour starts to change.
With 80% Moraiolo, 10% of Frantoio and 10% Leccino Cerquepapa, our olive oil represents centuries of evolution of an high-end product.
Criytallin and dense, of a golden green. The olfattive impact is of an outstanding intensity. It boasts extensive aromas from the green banana to the smith apple, to the tomatoes. The taste is very strong and structured, with the bitter of thistle and sage on top; it closes with a slight spicy aftertaste. Finally, it is a pleasant balance between persistent and fragrant.
On cold Farfalle with zucchini and capers or a shrimps and vegetables warm salad. Ideal on all legumes*.
Awards 2009
1st place at Trophy Alma competition Armonia - 2 excellent olives for SlowFood - Premio Biol Single-variety olive oil

Monocultivar Oil

The range of our single-variety pitted Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino olive oils represents for Villa della Genga a challenge to innovation and quality improvement. The special care in the harvesting, where the various qualities of olives are selected individually, and the particular process in the absence of pits, contribute in making these oils unique. Inspired by the collaboration with the illustruos Veronelli and developed over time with perseverance and painstaking efforts, Villa della Genga's products are top shelf.


Among the three oils it is the most delicate and less intense in the mouth but still very rich in scent - crystallin of an emerald green color. The scent is fruity with hints of lawnmowed grass and walnut. The spicy-bitter aftertaste combines the cardoons and the nut of the green apple.
This olive oil with its particular features is a collector's item and it is in full development.
To combine without any doubt to boiled meat, or on tuna and swordfish steamed fillets.
A must to taste.





Crystalline, dense and yellowish green. Linear and pleasant, intense and fine aromas: a net vegetal scent from the tomato plant leaf. The taste is intense and quite nicely structured; it marks the mouth with a sweetness reminiscent of pine nuts, due to the processing of the olives' pulp, after being pitted. Its ending is balanced, fine and complex and it is certainly to be considered still in development.
Use it raw with spaghetti, tomatoes and swordfish or over a papaya, grapefruit and tomato salad. Ideal for bruschetta with vegetables.






Its look comunicates excellent promise, which is then confirmed in subsequent tests: crystalline, dense, and a vivid emerald green color. At the nose it proves itself intense and with nice reminescences of sweet almond. The flavor is intense and structured, marked by great sweetness, and memories of dried fruit. Overall, it is fine, fragrant persitente sufficiently balanced in the ending.
Unbeatable to prepare a stuffed turkey breast as well as a salad dressing for a cold Farro salad. It tastes great on a slice of grilled tuna.
Awards 2009
2 excellent olives from SlowFood


Monocoltivar - Moraiolo
Tre foglie Gambero Rosso 2016

Monocoltivar - Moraiolo
Due cuori Merum 2016

Monocoltivar - Moraiolo
Punteggio 91 su 100 Flos Olei 2015



Monocoltivar - Frantoio
Due foglie Gambero Rosso 2016

Monocoltivar - Frantoio
Due cuori Merum 2016




Due foglie Gambero Rosso 2016

Due foglie Gambero Rosso 2016




Flos Olei 2017
miglio olio biologico

Slow food 2016





Bibenda editore guida

Terre d’olio 2016


The production cycle of our olive oils

The olives are hand-picked by single variety when they start turning darker. These are then transported in areated 20kg boxes and kept in a healthy environment and maintained at a temperature not exceeding 16 C. The olives are pressed strictly within 8 hours from the picking.
The Pressing involves a continuous cycle, two phase press, run from a computer that monitors in real time its proper functioning.The leaves are detached, the olives are washed and the single variety olives go through a pitting machine that separates the pulp from the bone, or, for the Cerquepapa, through a latest generation olive press.
The paste is processed through vertical kneaders under nitrogen at a temperature that doesn't exceed 25 C for approximately 30 minutes, then the process of extraction by a decanter takes place; the olive oil is immediately separated from the residue which is used as fertilizer for the soil of olive groves.
The oil is kept in stainless steel containers under nitrogen and under a controlled temperature (14 / 16 C) to ensure that the product is preserved from any contamination (heat, light and oxygen) and keeps all its sensory qualities for a long time.


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